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Zeiss LSM800 Confocal Microscope with Airyscan

The Zeiss LSM 800 is a flexible and compact confocal laser scanning microscope, complete with highly sensitive GaAsP detection and fast linear scanning. LSM 800 enables state of the art static imaging modalities to reveal tissue and cellular features at high definition and to visualize live molecular dynamics by simultaneously tracking up to four fluorescent probes. 

Add Airyscan, the revolutionary detection concept from ZEISS, and gain 1.7× higher resolution in all three dimensions – resulting in a 5× smaller confocal volume. Push sensitivity beyond the limits of all conventional confocals.

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Following an initial training session, this system can be scheduled and used for a $20 hourly fee by Schulich faculty, staff and students.

For questions about the system or to schedule a training session, please contact Kevin Barr (

Otherwise, schedule your next imaging session here.