Chinese delegates travel to Western University for Medical Education Symposium


Arriving from China for the Medical Education Symposium at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, Western University welcomed delegates from Nanjing Medical University (NMU) on May 16, where new collaborative goals for the future and emerging practices in medicine were discussed.

China is a key strategic partnership region for both Western University and Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, and this continued collaboration with NMU serves to facilitate sustainable medical research, education and leadership between the universities.

As Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s designated Geographic Leader for China, Dr. Cheng said, “Since establishing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 2014 with NMU, we have built on the strengths of our respective programs through partaking in these annual joint symposiums. Areas that we have seen positive growth in include simulation education, research innovation and graduate student enrolment.”

He also added that a major research grant collaboration in neuroscience, big data longitudinal outcome studies and translational research is currently being planned between Schulich Medicine & Dentistry and NMU for the future.  

To date, the relationship between Schulich Medicine & Dentistry and NMU has led to the development of a faculty and student exchange program between the two universities, increased research collaboration and strengthened the foundations of medical education through the sharing of knowledge.  

“Developing strategic international relationships, like the one we have with NMU, gives members of our Western community opportunities to develop their intercultural skills while at the same time expanding our research footprint—both of which are central to Western's international goals,” said Julie McMullin, Vice-Provost and Associate Vice President of Western International.

Home to many international development initiatives, Western University has signed more than 280 international institutional agreements, established over 500 international research collaborations worldwide and has exchange partners in 39 countries. Serving to further the university’s strategic goals and enhance our campus community, these formal partnerships connect Western University with the world and bring global perspectives to our campus every day.