Highlighting our expertise in innovation, technology and health

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry has been actively pursuing several types of international and global health activities around the world for decades. Part of the School’s mission is to use internationalization to enhance the reputation of the School and raise its profile nationally and internationally.

From October 27 - 28, the School will further this work by hosting the Association of Academic Health Centers International (AAHCI) Regional Meeting, which will revolve around the topic “Innovation, Technology and Health: Making it Work”.

Silke Klenk, Director, Internationalization, explained AAHCI represents a component of the School’s international network, which makes it important that the School play such a big role in the inaugural AAHCI Fall International Meeting, instead of attending only as a participant.

“By hosting the first meeting in Canada, we are able to highlight our expertise in the areas of innovation, technology and health,” Klenk said. “These topics will be presented from a pan-Canadian perspective with local and national speakers and presenters.”

Learning from researchers and faculty members from Schulich Medicine & Dentistry and other experts from a variety of different organizations across the country, participants will explore innovative ways to integrate technology and health care within an academic health centre. They will become aware of the implementation of effective innovations to optimize health, and effective approaches to improving health care through the use of technology.

Participants will also have the opportunity to tour some of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s state-of-the-art facilities and become better acquainted with the academic health network in Southwestern Ontario.

“We look forward to hosting colleagues and top-ranked academic institutions from around the world and building on our interaction and collaboration with partners and prospective partners,” Klenk said. “This Meeting will give Schulich Medicine & Dentistry the opportunity to enhance its reputation and raise its profile nationally and internationally.”

Interested in attending the AAHCI Regional Meeting? Click here to register online today.