Novell GroupWise is Migrating to Office 365

Information Services is currently in the planning stages to migrate the GroupWise email system to Western's Office 365 System. This is a project that has been approved by Dr. Strong and the School’s Senior Leadership Council.

The current target is to have all email, calendar, contacts and archives migrated from GroupWise to Office 365 in late May to early June 2017.

After the move, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry GroupWise users will have a single email account (i.e. your existing Western Office 365 account) where you will receive messages addressed to both your address and your address.

What this means to you:

With the move to Office 365 there will be some changes, most notably, the change from the GroupWise client to Microsoft Outlook as the officially recommended and supported email program for Schulich Medicine & Dentistry users.

You will also have access to your Office 365 from mobile devices as well as a web interface. Additionally, the ability to proxy and manage another individual’s email and calendar will change but is still an available option. An important feature of Outlook is that it provides you with a 50 gigabyte storage quota, so you will no longer have need for an archive.

Office 365 Resources

For a list of resources visit our Office 365 Resources web page.