How to setup Guest WIFI accounts for your visitors

In order for your guest to have access to Western WIFI, you need a non-person account (a university provided username and password). This will allow your guest to login to the Western WIFI (uwosecure-v2).

You need to proactively apply for this non-person account at least 5 business days in advance and have it ready for your guest to use upon arrival.

A valid Western Staff or Faculty member may apply for a Non-Person account.

Below are the steps for requesting a Non-Person account:

  1. Log in to Western Identity Manager.
  2. Select the Non-Person Accounts tab.
  3. Select the Request Accounts tab.
  4. Fill out the form completely and check the box for wireless under Internet Access.
  5. Click Submit.

NOTE: There are help icons to the left of each field to help explain the form requirements.