Conferencing Products and Support


About Zoom:
  • Cloud-based video communications app which runs on computers and mobile devices
  • Allows users to attend meetings from any place & any device
  • One host (or account-holder) can connect up to 99 guests in a single call
  • Personal licences are required for Pro accounts
  • Basic accounts can be created for free (limited to 40-minute calls)

How it's Used:

  • Zoom is integrated into Outlook and Office 365
  • Meetings (conferences) can be initiated or scheduled via Outlook
  • Your personal ZOOM settings can be accessd via the ZOOM client or by logging-in to

Downloads and Add-Ons

Zoom Telephone Audio

  • Telephone audio connections to ZOOM calls can be made for a cost-per-use
  • This feature is disabled for all groups except Family Medicine
  • To avoid personal charges, telephone audio should be disabled in your personal options
  • To enable/disable telephone audio on your Zoom account, see video below:
ZOOM Help Center


  • Ontario Telehealth Network (OTN) access is now web-based using Chrome browser
  • All OTN calls must be scheduled in advance
  • To attend or schedule an OTN event, please contact ETMS
  • An ‘event number’ is created in conjunction with a created event; the OTN event number is shared with the meeting organizer & attendees for registration and reference
  • ETMS can provide local set-up assistance on the day of the event, if requested


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Conferencing Facilities at Schulich

Conference facilities at Schulich are listed below. All conference facilities are enabled for use with web-conferencing:


  • CSB3702 – Dean's Board Room
  • CSB3706 – Huddle room
  • DSB0010 - Classroom
  • DSB1002 - Classroom
  • HSA101 – Multi-purpose facility
  • HSA127 – Huddle Room
  • MSB017 – Small Group Room
  • MSB105 - Conference room
  • MSB146 – Classroom
  • MSB148 – Classroom
  • MSB190 - Classroom
  • MSB282 - Classroom
  • MSB384 – Classroom
  • WCPHFM1103 – Conference Room
  • WCPHFM1120 – Multi purpose room
  • WCPHFM1150 – Large Multipurpose facility
  • WCPHFM1152 – Huddle Room
  • WCPHFM2005 – Conference Room
  • WCPHFM4006 - Classroom