Conference Calls & Team Meetings

Conference-Enabled Facilities

All facilities listed below are enabled for use with web-conferencing:

Conference-Enabled Facilities

  • CSB3702 – Dean's Board Room
  • CSB3706 – Huddle room
  • DSB0010 - Classroom
  • DSB1002 - Classroom
  • HSA101 – Multi-purpose facility
  • HSA127 – Huddle Room
  • MSB017 – Small Group Room
  • MSB105 - Conference room
  • MSB146 – Classroom
  • MSB148 – Classroom
  • MSB190 - Classroom
  • MSB282 - Classroom
  • MSB384 – Classroom
  • WCPHFM1103 – Conference Room
  • WCPHFM1120 – Multi purpose room
  • WCPHFM1150 – Large Multipurpose facility
  • WCPHFM1152 – Huddle Room
  • WCPHFM2005 – Conference Room
  • WCPHFM4006 - Classroom

Zoom Web-conferencing

 The Zoom Pro licence is available for students, faculty and staff at Western and its affiliated colleges.

What is ZOOM and What Does It Do?

  • ZOOM is a web-conferencing app
  • Enables people to connect face-to-face over the internet
  • Enables screen-sharing & other tools
  • Not necessary to have an account to join a call
  • Works on all major platforms/devices

Requirements for Using ZOOM:

  • Laptop or Computer with Internet Connection


  • Mobile Device with WiFi or Data


  • Headphones with Mic (suitable for your device) 
    • Ensure the headphone mic works on your device prior to the meeting/interview headphones.jpg

Download and Install ZOOM

Access your Western Zoom account (once ZOOM application is installed):

  • Run Zoom Application
  • Select "Sign In with SSO"
  • When prompted for a domain, type: westernuniversity
  • A webpage will open, prompting for UWO credentials
  • Login with your Western Identity username and password
  • Web page will prompt to open Zoom App - click OK

Zoom Settings for Classroom and Meeting Spaces

Zoom Settings for Classroom and Meeting Spaces (PDF)

Zoom Tutorials

Using Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms in Zoom (Download Guide)

'Saving' a failed or truncated local Zoom recording on a PC (Download)

For UME Faculty: Conducting Small Groups via ZOOM

Conducting Small Groups with Zoom

Zoom Meeting Test

Test your internet and system by joining a test Zoom Meeting