Cascade Support

Are you having troubles editing your pages in Cascade? Have a question about how to use a specific feature? The Cascade User Manual provides step-by-step instructions on the various elements in Cascade, developed to assist users in the process of designing and editing their webpages.

The Western Communications and Public Affairs Web Style Guide is also a valuable tool for editing your webpages on the 2012 template.

PLEASE NOTE: The Cascade User Manual gives instructions for sites still on the 2012 template. While most of the instructions still apply to the 2017 template some things have changed. We are in the process of creating new instructions for the 2017 template.

Visit the Western Communications and Public Affairs Web Design webpage for instructions for sites on the 2017 template.

Still not finding what you need?  Please visit our Service Desk Jira Portal.  You can search our knowledge base for articles that might answer your question or you can submit a ticket with your inquiry and we will get back to you.