Western Employee Payroll Scam sent via email

Western ITS has identified a scam that is targeting Faculty and Staff.  The scam has already been sent to a number of United States universities, and now is targeting Canadian universities.

Details of the scam in the United States are available here (from the FBI): http://www.ic3.gov/media/2015/150113-2.aspx

The scam, as we have seen it, appears to be very similar to the United States scam.    The subject line is similar to 'Salary Review Documents' and the email suggests a pay increase that will begin in January 2016.  Please be aware that this is a scam, and the link should NOT be followed.

Some tips to protect yourself from this scam:

  • Look for poor use of the English language in e-mails such as incorrect grammar, capitalization, and tenses. Many of the scammers who send these messages are not native English speakers.
  • Roll your cursor over the links received via e-mail and look for inconsistencies. If it is not the website the e-mail claims to be directing you to then the link is to a fraudulent site.
  • Never provide credentials of any sort via e-mail. This includes after clicking on links sent via e-mail. Always go to an official website rather than from a link sent to you via e-mail.
  • Contact Schulich Information Services if you receive suspicious e-mail.

Should you have further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Schulich Information Services at 519-661-2111 x81377.