07.27.2016 - Formatting Issue after recent Cascade Upgrade

It's come to our attention that following a CASCADE upgrade a formatting error has occurred on a number of webpages. For the most part the error is connected to punctuation, specifically apostrophes. It doesn't appear to be consistent however.

This error is widespread across all sites at Western, however as mentioned it's not consistent. And of course the more websites and pages a faculty has, the more significant the issue is.

Western's ITS is aware of the issue, as is Schulich's IS, and the Communications team. At this time, Western's ITS is working to identify a solution that can be applied globally. When that solution is available, it will be shared with you. In the meantime, you are encouraged to fix manually.

Updates will be shared as they become available from Western ITS.

Manual Fix Instructions

When you find a page with the formatting error log into Cascade, find and edit the page with the error.

Error Example:

Log into Cascade and edit the page with the error.

The error does not actually appear in Cascade. You need to locate the punctuation that is the issue, in this example the apostrophe in "Alzheimer's", delete it and re-type it. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE!

Then submit your changes and publish the page.  You will also need to publish all pages where the error is displayed.  In this example, the June "index" and the News "index" pages will also need to be published.

Refresh your page on your live site and check to ensure the error has been fixed.

If you run into any issues please contact the Schulich Helpdesk.