07.14.2016 - Windows 10 Upgrade Information

Microsoft has been pushing Windows 10 very hard lately. While Microsoft reports a deadline of July 29, 2016 for the free installation, this does not apply to Western University machines. Western University has an agreement with Microsoft that allows us to install Windows upgrades on any machine that is purchased on Western funds and used by staff or faculty.

Schulich Information Services is still working on the logistics as there are many devices to be upgraded.

If you have noticed a blue screen at login suggesting you upgrade, please DO NOT SCHEDULE it at this time. If you have already scheduled the upgrade, please see the following link on how to change and cancel the scheduled upgrade under "Changing your scheduled upgrade".

While we can support Windows 10, should it install without your action, there are a couple of items that need to be done prior to the installation of Windows 10:

  1. Upgrade the Novell Client to the latest version
  2. Migrate to the latest ZENworks client

Please contact the helpdesk prior to upgrading to Windows 10.