06.08.2016 - Toshiba Multi-Function and Samsung Devices in Schulich

We have approximately 30 Toshiba Multi-Functional Devices (MFD's) and Samsung Desktop models operating in Schulich under the Campus MFD Fleet Program.

The 60 month contract for the current devices expires August 31, 2016.

Western Procurement Services and ITS along with other members of the Western community have finalized the Request for Proposal (RFP) process and have selected the replacement vendor and equipment. The vendor will be OE Canada and New Toshiba devices will replace both the current models of Toshiba and Samsung.

In the interim, when you are ordering supplies such as toner, staples and etc., please be mindful and don't over stock too much of the supplies as the new devices may not be compatible with the old style.

We are currently working with the Western Procurement Services and ITS on the implementation details and scheduling of this transition.

Schulich IS will communicate the details and the dates for this transition as it becomes available.