03.25.2016 - Western Email System Changes Coming - How will it impact you?

Earlier this month, Western University announced that it is beginning the next phase of the project to replace its campus-wide email platform (known as Convergence) to a new cloud-based system called Microsoft Office 365.

This next phase includes moving the Western email accounts (i.e. those ending in @uwo.ca) of all faculty and staff in Schulich Medicine & Dentistry.

The current status of this initiative is one of consultation and planning. Western ITS, is now ready to work with our School to validate their draft plan (i.e. work out the details of the roll-out including the timing). However, in their plan, ITS currently has Western email accounts for faculty and staff in Schulich Medicine & Dentistry scheduled to move on May 5, 2016.

How will this impact you?

In addition to the information provided in previous emails by Western ITS (on March 1st and 18th), Schulich Information Services (IS) believes it is important to provide you with a few key points on how this will impact you. Visit the Impact of Changes web page on the Schulich Information Services web site for full details.