Office Closure - Information Services

Please be advise that the Schulich Information Services office will be closed on Friday, July 31st to allow the team to have an off-site planning and team building retreat. While we recognize that this may pose an inconvenience to some of you, we feel it’s very important for our unit to be able to be fully engaged in the very important work to be carried out that day. Ultimately, the day’s activities are designed to maximize our ability to be a well-functioning team and serve you, our customer better.

In order to minimize the impact of closing our office for the day, we will be providing an emergency contact number via an email auto-reply to our helpdesk and in the outgoing message of our Helpdesk phone line. In addition to this, standard monitoring and alert procedures for critical systems will continue to function as per normal and our staff will be prepared to address any major issue that arises.

Thank you.