***Please start your migration to the new Email for Life system!***

***Immediate action required***

Please start your migration to the new Email for Life system. The self-serve migration window will close in one week on August 4th 2015 at 5pm EST

An email was sent out to your old Email for Life email account with detailed instructions in order to start this self-serve migration.

Please go to this address to start your migration:


It is important to note that the migration of your email items from the old system to the new is based on a self-serve model. This means that in order to migrate your mail items to the new Office 365 system YOU WILL NEED TO TAKE SPECIFIC ACTIONS. (It is not possible to migrate your contact and calendar items however).

After August 4th 2015 at 5pm EST you will NOT be able to login and retrieve email from the old Email for Life system.

Office 365 is a web-based email service that will provide substantially improved email, contact and calendaring capabilities.

• For full details please visit: https://myofficeinfo.uwo.ca