Medical Sciences 4300F/G

Medical Sciences 4300F/G enables students to critically reflect on the role of scientists in healthcare by using a scientific inquiry approach to tackle modern health problems (such as poverty, mental illness, and infertility), and practise scientific inquiry and critical reflection by engaging in a project-based community service learning placement.

Students will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of the physical and social determinants of health, social responsibility, leadership and ethical competencies.

Registration in Year 4 of the Honours Specialization in IMS.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Employ independent and self-regulated learning techniques through the completion of online learning modules
  • Explain the physiological, epidemiological, and/or biochemical basis of conditions such as poverty, addiction, psychosis, and infertility
  • Develop a cohesive, clear, and articulate philosophy regarding their beliefs about the role of scientists in the health of our communities
  • Effectively communicate scientific and health literature to a broad audience, including laypersons and colleagues
  • Work in concert with a community health organization to promote health initiatives in the greater London community
  • Work with a team to collaborate towards achieving a common goal


CEL project - proposals, oral, written components 50%
ePortfolio and Reflections 15%
Written assignments 10%
Midterm test 25%

Course Syllabus: 2019/20