What's Happening in IMS?

IMS students are involved in many different activities and functions on campus and in the London community. A schedule of upcoming tests, activities are listed below.

  • January

  • February

  • March

  • April

What's happening this month?

January 9 - 10: IMS Welcome Breakfast

What's happening this month?


February 10: Midterm in Medical Sciences 4200G February 11: Midterm in Medical Sciences 3900G
February 13: Midterm in Medical Sciences 4100G
February 14: Makeup for Medical Sciences 3900G
February 14: Deadline for Graduation Composite
February 17-21: Spring Reading Break - Enjoy!

What's happening this month?


March 4: Midterm in Medical Sciences 4300G
March 14:
Year IMS outreach - March Break Open House

What's happening this month?


April 1: Medical Sciences 4930G to Banting House
April 3:
Fall/Winter term ends
April 6 - 26: Final Examination period
April 14: Final exam in Medical Sciences 3900G
April 23: Final exam in Medical Sciences 4100G