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Working @ Western Recruitment System

When recruiting for Faculty using the Working @ Western system, please select the following fields:

1. Add Team - "Schulich Faculty Hiring Team" code # 1057. This will populate the Hiring Managers fields.

working at western step 1

2. Final Approvers - Add Chair of the department

working at western step 2

Please note: The HR team does not have to be the Primary Hiring Manager, but they must be included in the posting by completing the above steps.

3. Recoverable Accounts - If employee's salary is being paid by a recoverable account, an email with the following information must be emailed to Carolyn Carruthers.

Employee's Name
Account Code # (UW...)
Account (ex: LHR or LRI....)
Supervisor's Name
Start date
End date 

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact our HR Coordinators at