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Improved access to email distribution lists for Schulich Medicine & Dentistry faculty and staff – Coming effective February 28

In order to improve access to commonly used email distribution lists, the School will be establishing new distribution lists using List Guardian. List Guardian is the public mailing list management tool used across Western University. We’re keeping it easy for you and providing you with the groups and the distribution list name you can use to reach the group. 

The groups you will be able to reach include:


All Chairs and Chair/Chiefs

All Chairs and Chair/Chiefs and their assistants 

All Basic Chairs 

All Basic Chairs and their assistants 

All Clinical Chair/Chiefs 

All Clinical Chair/Chiefs and their assistants 

Decanal team 

Decanal team and their assistants 

All Directors 

Directors, Managers, MAFs 

All MAFs 

All Basic MAFs 

All Clinical MAFs 

You can add the email distribution lists to our address books and then moving forward you simply type the distribution list name into the  “To” in your email and you can access the group.

The lists will be centrally maintained by the Human Resources Department. If you have any updates or challenges with accessing a list or you are uncertain about the distribution name for a group, you can contact the Carolyn Carruthers by email at

These lists will not be posted online, so please be sure to add them to your address books.

This change will be effective February 28.