Fall 2019 Schulich Graduate Orientation

Welcome to the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

Orientation is a time for you as a new graduate student to familiarize yourself with School, and to find answers to any questions you might have. It should also cover some of the basic prerequisites for graduate school.

This year, the orientation will be online and in modules. All students that are enrolled in a research-based graduate program will be required to complete the online modules.

Online modules will be available after the first week of School, and completion time will be approximately two months after September 4, 2019. The date for completion will be sent out directly to students.

When: September 1 2019
Where: Online and available in OWL

All incoming students will be granted access to the online modules. Quizzes will also be available online, and trainees must pass with an 80% in order to receive the "milestone". A milestone is something that students must complete in order to graduate from their program.

Please note, all research based programs (excluding surgery) will be expected to participate online. We welcome all of our new trainees, and wish you well on your new chapter.

An introduction to OWL can be found on the following website:https://owl.uwo.ca/portal/site/owldocs