Pre-heat and Final 3MT information:

Please join us for the 3MT at Schulich.  This year, we will run the pre-heat competition on February 26, 2018 at noon (CSB 2719).  The top 10 from the pre-heat move onto the final on February 28 at noon, also in CSB 2719.  Students coming to the pre-heat must arrive at 12:00 noon to take part. Students selected for the final heat will have 1 day to load their presentations directly to SGPS. 

Judges this year for the 3MT will be Schulich's Graduate Student Council Chair, Tomi Nano (PhD Candidate, MBP), Dr. Amanda Hamilton (Postdoctoral Scholar) & Jacqueline Dron (PhD Candidate, Biochemistry).  Students will be judged in the final by the graduate affairs office; Drs. Jones & Schmid and Janelle Pritchard.

If you have any questions, please email Janelle directly at jpritch7@uwo.ca

For rules and regulations of 3MT, and timing of finals, please go here: http://grad.uwo.ca/current_students/3mt/index.html