Check out the most-read newsletter stories of this year

Top 10 Stories

2015 was an exciting year for the Current Affairs newsletters. From profiles on the exciting research that our trainees and postdoctoral fellows are working on to informative monthly messages, we've recapped the top performing stories from this past year.

1) Like something out of a science fiction movie – 2,059 views
Superbugs. Bacteria. A post-antibiotic era. This might sound like the recipe for a successful science-fiction blockbuster film. It’s not. It’s what Omar El-Halfawy, PhD, focuses on every day.

2) Seeing double: Taking on the MD/PhD program ­– 1,291 views
Charles Yin was in the 10th grade when he completed his first research project. Now in his first year of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s MD/PhD program, he is excited to unlock the potential of combining medicine and research. Yin sat down with us to discuss the seven-year journey ahead of him.

3) Bridging the gender gap in science – 1,042 views
“There are major issues in the world that scientists are trying to find answers for, yet half the population is discouraged from being part of finding those solutions.” Ramina Adam, PhD Candidate, is channeling her own passion to help make the field of science more inclusive for female students and trainees.

4) A career goal fuelled by positivity – 1,035 views
Carlee White, PhD Candidate, always wanted a career that would help make a positive impact on people's lives. Her research on early embryo development and genomic imprinting has brought her one step closer to her goal of giving people a second chance at having a child.

5) Inspiring a deeper commitment to aging – 722 views
Lynn Zhu exudes passion. In a Q&A interview, the PhD Candidate discusses her commitment to making a difference in the lives of older adults through her research on Parkinson’s disease and her leadership role with the Retiring With Strong Minds lecture series.

6) Congratulating the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Internal Graduate Awards recipients – 607 views
The 12 recipients of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Internal Graduate Awards were announced in the June edition of Current Affairs.

7) From bedside to basic research – 509 views
While working as a kinesiologist in a cardiac rehabilitation program, Anusha Ratneswaran saw the debilitating effects musculoskeletal problems had on patients. Seeing these barriers inspired the award-winning PhD Candidate to perform research that she hopes will alleviate these conditions.

8) A global mission to help conquer mental illness – 477 views
Creating new and innovative ways to solve problems and answer questions is what keeps Dr. Arlene MacDougall excited about her research on global mental health and early psychoses.

9) Careers you wouldn’t expect a PhD to lead you to – 456 views
Andrew Watson, PhD, introduces two alumni who have developed exciting career paths outside of academia, and discusses the many paths a graduate degree can lead to.

10) Miniature research with maximum potential – 432 views
It's the little things that make Yara Hosein, PhD, tick. The postdoctoral fellow is currently working with miniature implants used in orthodontic treatment with the hope that she will develop a better design.