Top thesis downloads for Graduate Studies trainees

In the month of July, Graduate Studies trainees Grace L. Ettinger and Deirdre Phaedra Henley’s theses received exceptionally high download activity through the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository.

Ettinger’s thesis, NaN. Probiotic therapy for heart failure: Investigating the potential anti-hypertrophic properties of probiotics, had an average of 5.03 downloads per day and had been downloaded a total of 146 times. Under the supervision of Dr. Gregor Reid, the Microbiology and Immunology student’s thesis focuses on whether or not probiotics can improve outcomes of heart failure.

Henley’s thesis, Exposure to Environmental Contaminants and Stress as Determinants of Health in Three Communities: Walpole Island and Attawapiskat First Nations and Naivasha, Kenya, had an average of 2.1 downloads per day and has been downloaded a total of 103 times. Under the supervision of Dr. Jack Bend, the Pathology student’s thesis focuses on the links between exposures to contaminants and health risks in three varying communities.

The Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository now holds more than 2,400 records, which have been downloaded more than 866,000 times.