From one direction to many possibilities

Empty Loblaws shelves, a packed campus rec centre and sardine-can buses. Can you see the pattern? It’s back-to-school season and Schulich Medicine & Dentistry is getting down to business!

On behalf of the Schulich Graduate Student Council, I wish you a happy September and, to those new faces out there, welcome to the best faculty at Western University!

During the coming year, your student council will be pursuing new directions to serve you better than ever before. Historically, we have acted as a hub for taking in information from other areas of the School and disseminating it to you. We would like to increase our presence among the graduate student community and expand our role from a one-directional source of information (hello Harry Styles), to an open conversation of issues that impact you the most!

We recently updated the Graduate Student Representatives webpage to include the contact information for each departmental rep, so please do not hesitate to bring up any suggestions, comments or concerns directly to us. Although we are all part of the same faculty, our departments vary in many aspects, such as financial aid, advisory committee involvement, course requirements and overall departmental support.

We also need to be up-to-date on your individual experiences. We want you to feel comfortable voicing your opinion. What do you like about your graduate experience? What makes you tick? We want to hear from you, so please visit our page for more information!

We are looking forward to organizing some great events for the coming year. We have some ideas brewing (Milos’ Craft Beer Emporium, anyone?), but we are always open for new suggestions. If you are interested in getting involved with any of our subcommittees, please contact your department rep directly for details.

Whether you are entering your last year of grad school and spotting that light at the end of the tunnel, or beginning what will be an exciting and rewarding next few years, we want to wish all of you the best for this fall and look forward to hearing from you this year.

Kelly Gutpell, PhD Candidate, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Chair, Graduate Student Representatives, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry