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Fellowship Program Update - Team MJR Case Exemplar

Check out our newest YouTube video featuring Team MJR of the 2017-18 Global MINDS Fellowship Program here!

Team MJR inspires recovery from serious mental illness through connection and entrepreneurism, engages people with lived experience of mental illness through supportive peer-mentoring relationships, and re-ignites their entrepreneurial potential through tangible business supports.

Team Leads:

Michelle Quaye seeks to work in partnership with individuals who have lived experience of mental illness to create positive outcomes. Michelle is a third-year medical student at Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry with a strong interest in global health, currently taking part in research on mental health and social enterprise in the Kenyan context.

Robyn Masters is the lead Fellow Mentor for the 2018-19 Global MINDS Fellowship Program and is committed to supporting diverse individuals capitalize on their unique potentials through innovation and relational experiences. She is completing her PhD in School and Child Psychology at Western University with a research focus in capacity building.