Dr. Patrick Colquhoun recipient of the LHSC Patient Safety Leader Award for his role as Surgical Quality Officer for LHSC.

Dr. Patrick Colquhoun recipient of the LHSC Patient Safety Leader Award for his role as Surgical Quality Officer for LHSC. This role oversees the surgical quality programs at UH, VH, Department of Pediatric Surgery Quality Program and the Trauma Quality Program. Dr. Colquhoun has been involved in the development of the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Team for the Surgical Unit at London Health Sciences Center since March 2016. His responsibilities and workload have grown exponentially with this program. He is the Surgeon Champion for the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) at University Hospital.  This involves the supervision and regular meetings with Surgical Clinical Reviewers and the Quality Research Associate.  This group studies and implements surgical quality improvement initiatives at UH.  Some of the initiatives include weekly Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Rounds. His initiatives to decrease Urinary Tract Infections and Surgical Site Infections at University Hospital  by the development of projects, creation of goals and objectives, creation of teams, regular meeting with nursing staff in prep area, OR nurses post anesthetic care nurses, and anesthesia. As the leader of the Quality Improvement Program he has been providing regular reports of progress to the Perioperative Committees at both hospitals, City wide Perioperative Committee and the Surgical Executive. He has also provided presentations at London Health Sciences Center’s Quality Improvement Rounds and to administration at the London Health Sciences Quality and Performance Monitoring Committee. In his role of Surgical Quality Offices he has participation in the onboarding of Quality Improvement Programs (NSQIP) for Victoria Hospital, the Children’s Hospital and the Trauma Quality Improvement Program. He is the Chair of the Quality Council that meets quarterly. Dr Colquhoun is passionate and committed to the improvement of quality and patient care.  He is a very good example of a leader for patient safety and quality at LHSC. He will be presented with his award on Monday October 29th from 12-1pm in the Sumner Auditorium