Ineligible Expenditures

Examples of Ineligible Expenditures:


  • No administrative salaries should be charged


  • Consumables such as test tubes, pipettes, vials, bottles, beakers, flasks, dishes, and other similar glass or plastic ware, microscopes, incubators, Bunsen burners, measuring appliances, broken or used lab supplies
  • Acids, solvents, lubricants, soaps, and other similar items used in processing unless they or their impact are the subject of study

Other Ineligible Expenditures:

  • Travel and/or training
  • Legal or accounting fees
  • Conferences and training costs
  • Publication subscriptions
  • Patent applications
  • Rent or leasehold improvements
  • General purpose office equipment
  • No capital or charges to use the capital
  • Non-Canadian entity Contract Payments