I do not have the detailed restaurant receipt, can I just submit the credit card receipt for reimbursement or sign an attestation form?

Credit card receipts nor attestation forms will not be accepted for reimbursement. If you do not have the detailed receipt, you should contact the restaurant and request a copy of the detailed receipt.  If you are unable to get a duplicate detailed receipt, you will only be allowed to claim the pertinent meal allowance (please refer to the meal allowance table available on the Finance website). This applies to all missing detailed meal receipts, including room service when staying at a hotel.

Which is the preferred method of payment for team lunch and event venue/catering?

Team lunch - personal credit card by the most senior peson in attendance, and then Travel Claim reimbursement
Event Venue & Catering - Purchase Order (One PO for both the deposit and balance). Using a P-Card at restaurants is a high risk expense so it is discouraged.  Entering into a contract with an establishment in advance of an event is always the best route, followed with a PO and official invoicing.  Most establishments will accommodate this if arranged in advance.

Does a claimant need to now show more details on conferences and whether or not conferences/meetings include any meals? Is proof of this required?

The conference program and details are to be included for every travel claim submission (this has always been a requirement) as it outlines meals that are included as part of the conference.  The conference program is to be provided to not only support the meal allowance but also the duration of the travel required.

Is there a new maximum an employee can submit with a receipt when travelling?

If the employee opts not to claim the meal allowance, the maximum reimbursement, with a detailed receipt, is listed on the National Joint Council website.

Our team attended a conference and our leader took us out for dinner (total of 9 attendees).  What are the rules with this situation?

The preferred option is that each person pay for thier own and submit a meal allowance as part of their travel claim.  If the most senior person pays for the group and the total bill is $550, s/he will only be able to claim (9 attendees x $49.95/each).  This rate is based on the National Joint Council dinner rate (Policy 2.16 - Travel & Expenses Reimbursement, point 14.05) which requires the actual receipt be submitted.

Can I buy a Gift Card for an employee?

Canada Revenue Agency has specific rules regarding gifts and awards to employees. Gift certificates and gift cards are considered to be cash and are therefore taxable benefits to the employee. Therefore, the purchase of gift certificates or gift cards for any Western employee is prohibited.

When do I use a P-card vs. purchase order?

The P-card should be used for payments under $500. For more information, refer to the Procurement Tools Reference Guide.

Can I use the P-card to book travel?

If you have a travel coordinator role, you can use the p-card for visiting guests. The p-card is not to be used for Western staff (with the exception of conference registration).

What happens if I spend more than the Treasury Board meal and accommodation guidelines?

Employees will be reimbursed for the actual meal and accommodation expenses as per the itemized receipts. Employees should look to the Treasury Board meal and accommodation guidelines for the range of what is normally considered acceptable. When claiming any expense, prudent and responsible use of taxpayer dollars should be taken into consideration. Costs that are not substantiated with a business purpose will not be reimbursed.

Please note: itemized and detailed receipts (even when charged to hotel rooms) are required for reimbursement.

The meal and accommodation guidelines adopted by Western can be found on the Treasury board website at the link below:

Do I have to use FCm to book travel?

FCM is Western’s preferred travel management company, however it is not required to use them. Whenever you are booking any type of travel, you should try to find the most economical option.

Please note: economy class is the standard for booking travel.

Why can't I see the data/reports for my programs in PeopleSoft?

Consult with your supervisor to determine if this is an access issue and if yes, whether access is appropriate. If access is required, please complete the corporate data access form. Also note new SALCOM access form.

I received a budget error on my journal. What do I do?

Please refer to your general ledger (which is based on your spring budget submission), and either choose an appropriate alternate account or submit a budget transfer form to your analyst.

My Mustang Market requistion hasn't been approved. How come?

Go into Mustang Market to review the purchase requistion. Under "PR Approvals", all approvers will be listed. You need to contact one of these approvers as some approvers have turned off their notification.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any member from the Finance team.