Judith Belle Brown, PhD

Judith Belle Brown PhD
Department of Family Medicine

Office: PHFM 2146
Phone: 519.661.2111 X22054
Email: Judith.Brown@schulich.uwo.ca

Judith Belle Brown, PhD in Social Work from Smith College is a Professor in the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine, the Department of Family Medicine, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University and the School of Social Work at King’s University College, London, Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Brown is the Chair of the MClSc and PhD in Family Medicine at Western. She conducts research in the areas of patient-centered care, interprofessional teamwork and teambuilding, physician well-being, physician practice behaviour, and double-duty caregiving. She has presented papers and conducted workshops both nationally and internationally on the patient-centered clinical method. She is a co-author of the third edition Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method and a co-editor of Challenges and Solutions in Patient-Centered Care: A Case Book and Challenges and Solution: Narratives of Patient0Centred Care. Dr. Brown is also a Series Editor of an 8 book series on using patient-centered care with specific conditions (i.e. chronic fatigue, eating disorders). She was made an Honorary Member of the College of Family Physicians of Canada in 1996, is a co-recipient of The American Academy on Physician and Patient Award for Outstanding Research (1996), co-recipient of the College of Family Physicians of Canada Best Original Research Article Award (2009) and the Dean’s Award of Excellence – Team Award for the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine (2010).