Research Committee

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To foster, facilitate and co-ordinate research by members of the Department of Family Medicine.

Mission Statement

To foster, facilitate and coordinate research by full and part time faculty members, residents, Masters of Clinical Science and PhD graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and other research and clinical staff of the Department of Family Medicine, and undergraduate students of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry pertaining to family medicine; to review research proposals from Department members and others.

Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives of the Research Committee are to:

  1. Promote research by the members of the Department of Family Medicine by:

    • facilitating the development and maintenance of Research Interest Groups formed to explore themes of common interest;

    • maintaining and disseminating information on funding opportunities for which departmental members are eligible;

    • coordinating and informing about forums for the interchange of ideas and presentation of results;

    • providing a coordinated program of research consultations to full and part time faculty and students at all levels;

    • submitting a recommendation to the Departmental Committee on any research project requesting funding from the Departmental Research Trust Fund.

  2. Support and monitor the research activities of members of the Family Medicine Centres and the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine by: identifying CSFM faculty and staff to liaise with the four Family Medicine centres of the department;

    • receiving regular reports from centre representatives about centre research activities;

    • informing the Departmental Committee of specific ongoing research activities in a systematic and stimulating way;

    • recommending and implementing guidelines for departmental participation in pharmaceutical trials and industry-sponsored studies;

    • keeping informed about and, where appropriate, overseeing special research projects ongoing in the department;

    • review, upon request, proposals involving members of the department.

  3. Advise the Director of the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine of potential projects.

  4. Facilitate the teaching of Family Medicine Research in the department.

  5. Integrate the research program of the department into the Faculty of Medicine's current plan for research.