Newly enhanced Behavioural Medicine rotation - Windsor Campus

Commencing July 2018, Family Medicine at Windsor Campus will be offering a Behavioural Medicine rotation with Dr. Pat Montaleone. This rotation is open to all PGY1s and PGY2s, and the capacity is one Learner per block. The Mental Health rotation has been redesigned to meet the needs of our residents, and will include some of the following; problem gambling, more ambulatory clinics and rest home visits. Residents completing this rotation may also be working alongside a PGY2 Psychiatry resident.

Designed specifically for Family Medicine residents, the rotation will be geared towards out-patient experiences tailored for what residents will encounter in their future practice. Approximately just under half the block will be spent in the General Adult Psychiatry Clinic at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare (HDGH).  Referrals are sent from family physicians and NP’s in the community, and clinic experience is representative of what a family physician may encounter on a day-to-day basis. Through this clinic, the Family Medicine resident will gain experience doing a comprehensive psychiatric interview, and learn to develop differential diagnoses and treatment plans. There will be a focus on gaining familiarity with different psychiatric medications, including dosing and approach to prescribing.

Other half-days in the rotation will be dispersed in the following clinics/experiences: Concurrent Disorders Program (addictions), Adolescent referrals through the General Psychiatry Clinic, Geriatric Mental Health Outreach Team (GMHOT), Problem Gambling Services (PGS), tertiary in-patient psychiatry at TNI, and rest home visits, both in-person and OTN.

Residents will NOT be expected to do any call in the ER during this rotation. There will be travel between HDGH and several other locations in the community, so access to a vehicle is highly recommended. There will be three psychiatrists involved in this rotation; Dr. Montaleone, Dr. Levang and Dr. Prabhu.  It will likely be a typical 8-4 day with low patient volume for the resident, focused more on learning, not service.  

This new rotation is open to both Windsor and London Residents.