Congratulations to our Family Medicine Awards of Excellence recipients

The Department of Family Medicine is happy to congratulate our Post Graduate Team, Dr. Judith Brown and Dr. Daniel Grushka on receiving a 2015 Award of Excellence. 

We take great pride in our dedicated Post Graduate Team of Ms. Dianne Brooks, Ms. Lin Hill, Ms. Kelsey Klages, Ms. Liz McInnis, Mr. Fred Ross and Ms. Sharon Story and applaud them for receiving the Dean's Awards of Excellence for Staff (team award).

We'd also like to commend Dr. Judith Brown for receiving the Schulich Leader Award and Dr. Daniel Grushka for receiving a Schulich Educator Award, both in the Schulich Excellence in Education Awards for Graduate/Postgraduate category.

The award recipients will be celebrated by the School and their colleagues at the Celebration of Excellence event, May 20, at the Great Hall.

Purchase your tickets by May 13, 2015.