Clinical Skills Building

One of the most important assets of any medical and dental school is their faculty who contribute extensively to the: education of our students at the undergraduate, postgraduate and graduate levels; development of knowledge through research and other forms of scholarship; care of patients and their families, and to the local, regional, national and international community. Due to the complexity and size of the School, in addition to its close relationships with hospitals, it is important for the School to have a centralized Office of Faculty Affairs which has the expertise to deal with the clinical and basic science faculty including those in our distributed sites and its numerous stakeholders.

The main objectives for the Office of Faculty Affairs are to:

  1. build a structure to support all Schulich Medicine & Dentistry faculty and
  2. provide support to the faculty to enhance the academic mission of the School

The Office of Faculty Affairs works collaboratively as a team with Human Resources, Communications, and the Office of Learner Wellness and Equity at the School, and key offices at the Central University including the Office of Faculty Relations, Human Resources, Rehabilitation Services, and Equity and Human Rights.