Samantha Larose

Degree:MSc Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Graduating year2014
Accomplishments: Western Graduate Research Scholarship and the Schulich Graduate Scholarship
Area of research: Obesity
Name of supervisor: Dr. Sisira Sarma
  • My Journey

  • Future Aspirations

In the final year of my undergraduate degree in Health Studies at UBC I took an Introduction to Epidemiology course. Prior to this course I had little knowledge in the area of epidemiology but quickly became interested in the broad applicability of the subject and the influential epidemiological studies that have shaped Public Health both in Canada and internationally. Realizing the endless possibilities with regards to research and career paths I decided to pursue an MSc in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

During my studies at Western my research was focused on the impact of obesity on the Canadian labour market. More specifically, I explored the impact of obesity on adult women, their employment participation and earnings. I utilized data from Statistics Canada’s Research Data Centre which allowed for me to use panel data methodology. I also completed an epidemiology practicum with the Middlesex-London Health Unit which enabled me to further my obesity research at a local level. Moreover, I was able to investigate surveillance data regarding obesity in the London area to help inform Public Health policy and program implementation.

Future Aspirations

Following my passion for health services research I am now an Evaluation and Quality Specialist for Alberta Health Services in Calgary. I have been able to employ many of the skills I obtained from my thesis research and MSc coursework to help make timely, effective decisions for health services. I enjoy using data to make decisions and am able to do so daily. Going forward I am eager to continue to use the skills I developed during my MSc to conduct meaningful evaluations and use data to ensure quality of care for patients in Alberta.