Research Opportunities for Graduate Student Applicants

September 2020 Admissions

Our department requests that applicants select and rank up to two potential supervisors with whom they would like to work and a research cluster that suit their academic interests (Biostatistics Collaborative Specialization applicants do not need to chose research clusters). For detailed information on our research clusters, please visit the Research Clusters page.

Applicants must independently apply to the Epidemiology and Biostatistics graduate program using the online Western application portal.

Applicants, you do not need to apply for these specific positions when applying to our program, but are encouraged to reference a particular opportunity using the Posting Identification Number in your statement of interest if you feel you would be a good fit with the described position.

This page will be updated with new postings as we receive them from potential supervisors. Future students are encouraged to review this page for updates as the application deadline (January 15) approaches. 

PhD research opportunities in Epidemiology and Biostatistics

PhD research opportunities in Biostatistics (Collaborative Specialization)

  • PhD Research Opportunity (#20190917) with Yun-Hee Choi, PhD
    Seeking one to two doctoral students to work in statistical methods for developing joint models for correlated survival outcomes with genetic data. The students will develop and evaluate the joint models for various types of events and their dynamic prediction accuracies using the data from families at high genetic risk and via simulation studies. I am looking to work with students with strong statistics background and computational skills.  
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  • PhD Research Opportunity (#20190914) with GY Zou, PhD
    Seeking a Doctoral student to develop novel statistical methods for cluster randomization trials. The student will use analytical and simulation techniques as well as real-life data-sets to conduct such research.  
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MSc research opportunities in Epidemiology and Biostatistics

MSc research opportunities in Biostatistics (Collaborative Specialization)