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Jacqueline Kueper attends CSHRF in Winnipeg


Jacqueline Kueper, PhD Candidate supervised by Dr. Dan Lizotte, recently attended the Canadian Student Health Research Forum in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

She submitted the following statement on her trip:

CSHRF is a national student health research poster competition held annually in Winnipeg, MB. CSHRF is focused on showcasing graduate student research, fostering networking, and celebrating excellence in collaboration with the Gairdner awards. The Gairdner Symposium was attached to CSHRF and included lectures given by internationally renowned experts from the Gairdner Foundation.

Schulich sent one student from each graduate department to attend, and we were accompanied by the associate Dean of Medicine, Dr. Susanne Schmid.

I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to go, and had a lot of fun presenting a poster titled, “A topic modelling approach to understanding the body of research on artificial intelligence and primary care.”

The Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics is happy that Jacqueline was able to attend this event. We are also proud to say that she won an honourable mention for her poster presentation. 

Congratulations, Jacqueline!