2019 International Symposium on Multimorbidity


The 2019 International Multimorbidity Symposium will be held on Friday, November 15 at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.  This Symposium is being co-presented by the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and the Department of Family Medicine in the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University.  Attendees will have an opportunity to present and hear about ongoing and future multimorbidity research, as well as to collaborate with others to determine the next steps to move international multimorbidity research forward.  

This one-day Symposium will start with two keynote speakers (Dr. Frances Mair from the University of Glasgow and Dr. Lauren Griffith from McMaster University), followed by 5-minute and 5-slide presentations by interested attendees (opportunity to submit abstract(s) is embedded within the registration) and breakout sessions focused on some of the key topics related to multimorbidity.  

The standard registration rate is CAD$75 for researchers, policy makers or health care providers and a reduced registration rate is CAD$25 for students, patients or caregivers.  

We welcome any academic researchers, policy makers, health care providers, students, patients and caregivers who are interested in multimorbidity -- importantly to ensure that our discussions represent as many perspectives as possible. 

The link for registration is included below.  If you have any further questions about the purpose or content of this Symposium, please email Kathryn Nicholson <kathryn.nicholson@schulich.uwo.ca>.