Discovery Healthcare Summer Camp Launch and Summer Electives

Discovery Healthcare Camps

Sarnia DHC 2018.jpg Discovery Healthcare Summer Camps had almost one hundred kids aged 13-15 participate in the program this year. The program was led by four medical students, two of whom had helped revamp the program the previous year. Additionally, we had great support from the local hospitals who provided tours and space for the camp. Below is a testimonial from one of the parents:
“Just a shout out to say that this program was phenomenal! I can’t believe the amount of opportunities/experiences the kids received. My daughter really enjoyed it and thought it was very worthwhile. I hope my younger three children will have the same opportunities to participate in the future. Thank you for all the hard work and time put into this camp!!”

Indigenous MedLINCs

Four medical students in their first and second years spent the summer partnering with the Chippewas of Nawash and Saugeen First Nations to create a robust summer program for Indigenous Youth and Communities. They were up in Grey-Bruce, learning from these communities and helping with programming including Rock Camp, Passport to Healthy Living, Youth Self-Awareness & Harm Reduction Workshops, Medicine Walks and the Good Food Box Program.

Summer Research Electives

This summer the Office of Distributed Education began work on a qualitative research project focusing on physician perceptions of research. The goal of this project is to understand barriers and enablers of research within our Distributed Network and see if there are marked differences in these attitudes from rural/regional faculty and faculty within the large academic health centres. Tommy Romagnoli, Lynn Doan and Madeline Taylor are all first-year Schulich medical students that have been deployed in each academy to collect this data. We thank you for your help in coordinating their stay, assisting in their work and providing data towards this project. We also look forward to sharing the results of this project as we prepare manuscripts and presentations from the data.