Thank You - Schulich Medicine Education Conference

Thank you.  Two simple words, however often not used enough.  As the excitement from the 2016 Schulich Medicine Education Conference winds down, and thoughts of the 2017 Education Conference start to develop, I want to send a big "thank you" to everyone who was involved.

Over two days, the Education Conference Administrators Day and Faculty Day provided a forum for members of the Schulich Medicine family to meet, collaborate and reconnect.  Our team was thrilled to welcome colleagues from Windsor campus, London campus, regional academies, London hospitals and Windsor hospitals.  By providing an opportunity for people to meet in person, we were able to connect in person with colleagues whom we have only ever known through email or telephone. 

Our workshop leaders offered a number of opportunities to learn more about a variety of topics including the visiting student electives program, how to find balance in a hectic work day, how to support learners in difficulty and conscious and unconscious bias in our every day work world. 

We were honoured to welcome back one of Schulich's own graduates and founding father for Distributed Education, Dr. Jim Rourke.  His heartwarming keynote address reminded many participants of what is so incredible about being a clinician and scholar in rural Ontario. 

Our Education Team Managers provided an overview of the Schulich Education portfolio, and Dean Strong lead off a Decanal review of the operations of Schulich Education.

I am grateful for all the support of the Schulich Education family.  I am grateful that participants took time from their busy schedules to attend our Conference days and made them such a great success.  And I am grateful for the incredible team at the Office of Distributed Education.

Many thanks to all of you, and I look forward to seeing everyone again next year.