Key Performance Indicators

Officially established in 1997 as the Southwestern Ontario Regional Rural Medicine (SWORRM) Program, Schulich Medicine Distributed Education, has experienced tremendous growth and expansion. As a dynamic and progressive curriculum in diversified environments throughout Southwestern Ontario, Schulich Medicine DE provides learners and trainees exposure to patients, health systems and health challenges in a collection of regional, rural and urban locations across six academies. The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry – Windsor Campus is located within this geographic area as well and delivers the entire four year undergraduate medical education program to classes of 38 students in each year.




Learner Map

Academy Information

Schulich Medicine Distributed Education – Elgin-Middlesex Academy

Consists of Elgin County with a population of over 49,000 and Middlesex County with a population of over 70,000.

Schulich Medicine Distributed Education – Grey-Bruce Academy

Consists of Grey County with a population of over 92,000 and Bruce County with a population of over 64,000.

Schulich Medicine Distributed Education – Kent-Lambton Academy

Consists of Kent County (Chatham-Kent) with a population of over 108,000 and Lambton County with a population of over 124,000.

Schulich Medicine Distributed Education – Huron-Perth Academy

Consists of Huron County with a population of over 59,000 and Perth County with a population of over 67,000.

Schulich Medicine Distributed Education – Oxford Academy

Consists of Oxford County with a population of over 105,000

Schulich Medicine Distributed Education – Essex Academy

Consists of Essex County with a population of over 177,000 (not including Windsor).

Windsor Campus Schulich’s Regional Medical Campus which is located at the University of Windsor

Curriculum is delivered at the Dr. Murray O’Neil Medical Education Building, with clinical learning at Windsor Regional Hospital, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare and within many other community organizations.

Data Assumptions and Limitations

Reporting Periods:

• Data reported quarterly is based on fiscal quarters

• All other reporting periods are as indicated (CPD)

Admissions Data:

• Data is collected from Schulich Admissions and not using the OMSAS data as OMSAS data may not have the most current addresses of applicants

Learner Rotation Data:

• Data comes from raw one45 output, which has not been validated externally

• Visiting Student Elective (VSE) data comes from Ministry Training Days (MTD) data that has been externally validated, but is only available for previous fiscal year

• Learners/trainees is defined by the timeframe/location; therefore total values for unique learners/trainees by quarter and unique learners/trainees by quarter & academy may not match; the later will count learners doing rotations in different academy's in that quarter as separate observations, however the former will only count that learner once

Windsor Campus Data:

• The Windsor Campus data is not included in the Undergraduate Medical Education portion of reporting for Distributed Education because the Windsor Campus delivers the full four years of the undergraduate degree program (MD) and as such, wouldn’t be a basis of comparison for the academies.