2015 Schulich Dentistry Summer Research Students

Schulich Dentistry Summer Research Students presented their summer research projects to fellow students and faculty in August. The presenters included DDS Students who had been awarded summer studentships through Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry and also DDS Students who were funded from external Sources.

2015 Research Funding

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
Schulich Dentistry
Paul Sills Summer Student Clinical Researchship
Dentistry Canada Fund - Ontario Dental Association
Summer Research Studentship Ontario Dental Association
Canadian Institutes of Health Research

2015 Studentships

14 Research Projects were funded for the summer of 2015. Congratulations to the following student who were awarded a Summer Research Studentship:



Jennifer Archibald, DDS 2017
Kim Beaucage, DDS 2018   
Jennifer Branch, DDS 2018      
David Feere, DDS 2018
Erik Holm, DDS 2018
Vida Lam, DDS 2017                         
Greg Luvison, DDS 2017  
Daniel Mandic, DDS 2016   
Yuliya Mulyar, DDS 2017     
Edward Pham, DDS 2018    
Martin Reiss, DDS 2016    
Michael Tiedemann, DDS 2017     
Jason Vincent, DDS 2018    
Allen Xian, DDS 2018

Dr. Jacinta Santos
Dr. Jeff Dixon
Dr. Cheryle Seguin  
Dr. Andrew Leask  
Dr. David Holdsworth               
Dr. Harvey Goldberg  
Dr. Amin Rizkalla  
Dr. Michael Shimizu
Dr. Walter Siqueira
Dr. Hasan Alkumru                 
Dr. Gildo Santos
Dr. Douglas Hamilton
Dr. Tim Wilson
Dr. Les Kalman