Yoon Chi (DDS Class of 2020) presents at the 2018 Hinman Student Research Symposium in Memphis

November -The Hinman Student Research symposium is a national meeting that showcases research in the field of dentistry by dental students, residents and graduate trainees from over 60 dental schools across North America. The aim of the symposium is to appreciate and celebrate students and their mentors for their effort to advance the dental profession through research achievements. The three-day conference started with a welcoming dinner where Dr. Mark Herzberg, VP of the American Association for Dental Research, was invited as a keynote speaker to share his passion for research and his work. His motivational words set the stage for the remainder of the symposium which included oral and poster presentations from over 100 student researchers and interactive networking events.

Y ChiYoon Chi was chosen to represent the Schulich Dentistry Research Program at the prestigious 24th Hinman Student Research Symposium in Memphis, Tennessee this past November. Yoon (supervised by Dr. Frank Beier), was awarded this opportunity during Schulich Dentistry’s Annual Research Day by placing in the top 3 poster presentations. During the symposium, Yoon gave an oral presentation on her research work entitled: 'Characterization of Temporomandibular Joint Osteoarthritis in aging mice'.

Y ChiWhen asked about her experience at the symposium, Yoon commented, “I was very impressed by the quality of research being conducted by all the students across North America.  It's exciting to see work from various aspects of dental fields ranging from clinical to basic science research, all of which aim to provide a better outcome for patients. The whole experience showed how important it is to think 'outside the box', with good and solid fundamental understanding of oral biology.”

Yoon was able to network with many students from different schools, all sharing their clinical and research experiences. The students also had an opportunity to tour Graceland mansion and to enjoy live blues music on the historic Beale street.

Yoon noted “I am thankful to the Schulich Dentistry Research Program and our sponsors for providing an opportunity to attend the meeting and broaden my exposure to research in the dental field. This trip will remain as one of my highlights from dental school and I hope to continue to attend such conferences in the future.”

Research Day Poster Awards

A thank you to everyone for a very successful Research Day. This includes a collaboration of faculty, staff, student presenters, poster judges, volunteers, and also participants who took the time to challenge our students by asking questions; we believe over 300 faculty, staff and students attended the events! Hopefully you enjoyed learning about the research (both clinical and basic science) being conducted by our students within Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, and we also hope the research on “Pain Control’ being conducted by Dr. Ken Hargreaves helps with a clearer understanding of opioid use in Dentistry.

We would also like to thank the sponsors of our Summer Research Program (Schulich Dentistry, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Research, and the Ontario Dental Association), who provided studentship funds for our Summer Research Students, and enabled them to compete on Research Day, along with Grad Ortho Students and various other graduate students.
Student Winners
The award winning posters in the Junior Category are presented by the students at National and International Conferences, and brings high recognition of the various research being conducted by Schulich Dentistry.  Congratulations again to the students in both categories who received awards.

JUNIOR CATEGORY (in no particular order)
Peter Sabiri, DDS 2021
Hinman Student Research Award - will represent Schulich Dentistry at the 2018 Hinman Student Research Symposium in Memphis, TN (usually end Oct/early Nov). Awarded for poster: ‘Epsilon sarcoglycan as a novel mediator of cell adhesion to titanium’. Supervised by Dr. Doug Hamilton

Yoon Chi, DDS 2020
ADA Foundation Award - will represent Schulich Dentistry at the 2018 Colgate Dental Students' Conference on Research in Maryland. Awarded for poster: ‘Characterization of temporomandibular joint osteoarthritis in aging mice’.  Supervised by Dr. Frank Beier

Amr Alsabbagh, DDS 2020
CDA/Dentsply Sirona Student Clinician Research Program Award - will represent Schulich Dentistry at the 2019 CDA National Oral Health Conference in Canada. Awarded for poster: ‘Surrogate markers for high risk human papillomavirus infection in oral epithelial dysplasia: A comparison of p16, ki-67, and ProExC.’ Supervised by Dr. Christina McCord

1st - Alex Peidl, PhD Candidate - Supervised by Dr. Andrew Leask
Awarded for poster: ‘Therapeutic peptides based on CCN3 treat systemic sclerosis in a mouse model of the disease’.

2nd - Diego Diaz, Grad Ortho Student - Supervised by Dr. Ali Tassi
Awarded for poster: ‘Diagnostic ultrasound in the measurement of cortical bone thickness in porcine mandibular specimens: A pilot study’.

3rd - Woody Neilson, Grad Ortho Student - Supervised by Dr. Walter Siqueira
Awarded for poster:  ‘Acquired bracket pellicle modulation via exposure to histatin’.

Andrei Zaharia presents at the CDA/Dentsply Sirona Student Clinician Research Program

August - AndrZ Zahariaei Zaharia (DDS 2019), represented Schulich Dentistry at the 2018 CDA/Dentsply Sirona Student Clinician Research Program which took place during the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) Convention in Charlottetown, PEI.  Zaharia (supervised by Dr. Amin Rizkalla), was awarded this opportunity during Schulich Dentistry’s Annual Research Day by placing in the top 3 poster presentations.

Zaharia gave an oral presentation on his research entitled, ‘Novel Bioactive and Injectable, Copolymer-Reinforced Cement for Bone Augmentation’.

Zaharia commented, “Dr. Mitch Taillon (CDA President), among other high-profile individuals were present during our research presentations – they were able to offer us great commentary, suggestions and insight on how our research may impact the dental field, stressing the importance of our individual projects”.

The program’s purpose is to stimulate ideas, improve com-CDA Studentsmunication and, most of all, to increase student involvement in the advancement of the dental profession.

Zaharia remarked, “It was quickly evident there is so much to learn from one another; an all-around astonishing experience, during which future dentists came together to present their cutting-edge research within a conference setting in a beautiful city such as Charlottetown”.

2018 Quintessence Research Award - Kim Beaucage

K Beaucage with Dr. HamiltonDentistry's 2018 Quintessence Research Award was presented to Kim Beaucage, DDS 2018, on the recommendation of the Research Committee, following nomination by faculty supervisors.  This is an annual award to a graduating dental student who has been exemplary in research in the undergraduate dental program.

Dr. Doug Hamilton, Assistant Dean, Dentistry Research stated, “Kim has been awarded Summer Research Studentships for 3 years in a row, working with researchers such as Drs. Jeff Dixon, Cheryle Séguin, and David Holdsworth.  With this support Kim discovered and characterized ectopic calcification of the mandibular symphysis in mice lacking equilibrative nucleoside transporter 1. In 2015, Kim won the ADA Foundation Travel Award at the Dentistry Research Day Poster Presentations, enabling Kim to attend and present her research at the ADA Foundation 52nd Annual Dental Students’ Conference on Research in Bethesda, Maryland. Kim’s work has been presented at two international meetings and a manuscript based on these studies is currently in preparation for the Journal of Dental Research.”

Dr. Hamilton also commented on Kim’s contributions to research leadership as a dental undergraduate student. In 2015, Kim co-founded the highly successful Dental Academic Research Trainee (DART) Group. In this organization, Kim served as co-chancellor with duties that included organizing events relevant to dental research (e.g., speakers, workshops, seminars, networking occasions), chairing meetings of board members, communicating with faculty and students, facilitating collaboration among student research trainees in dentistry, and enhancing the profile of dental research at Western.

Schulich Students presented at AADR/CADR Annual Meeting

Karla Crosara, Shawna Kim and Georgia Nikoloudaki presented their research posters at the Annual General Meeting of the CADR (Canadian Association for Dental Research), held in conjunction with the annual AADR meeting, in Fort Lauderdale in March.

Congratulations to Georgia Nikoloudaki, DDS (PhD candidate), supervised by Dr. Douglas Hamilton, who had earlier competed for and won a CADR-NCOHR Student Research (Travel) Award to attend and present at this annual meeting.  This award was sponsored by the Canadian Association for Dental Research (CADR) and the Network for Canadian Oral Health Research (NCOHR).aadr

Georgia remarked, ‘The award from CADR/ΝCHOR gave me the opportunity to attend the annual meeting this year and present my research entitled ‘Characterization of the Effect of Periostin Deletion on Palatal Wound Healing’. It was great to see our lab’s work recognized; the meeting was an ideal environment to share our research and receive feedback and ideas from experts in the field. We were exposed to a wide range of dental research topics and met with prominent researchers in the field, as well as numerous North American dental students. The cutting-edge research, networking and feedback are an invaluable experience, opening new horizons for personal development and professional opportunities’.

Shawna Kim, PhD (DDS 2019 candidate), also supervised by Dr. Douglas Hamilton, presented two posters: ‘Periostin modulates collagen and fibronectin synthesis during gingival healing’ (based on her research from Schulich Dentistry's Summer Research Program), and ‘Fibrotic phenotype of phenytoin-induced gingival enlargement’.  Shawna remarked, “Attending this conference was such a valuable experience where we could network and share our experience with fellow researchers and clinicians.  We also experienced experts sharing their professional insights on different areas of dental research”.

aadrKarla Crosara, DDS (PhD Candidate), supervised by Dr. Walter Siqueira, presented her research work entitled ‘Orthodontic Bracket Pellicle Proteome Modulation after Exposure to Fluoride’. This pioneer work identified, for the first time, variations to the elemental surface composition of metallic and ceramic orthodontic brackets due to exposure to fluoride solution, and described consequent qualitative changes to the bracket protein pellicle formed on fluoride-treated brackets compared to distilled water treatment.

Yoon Chi (DDS 2020), awarded first prize in national poster competition

Schulich Dentistry Students had the opportunity to attend the Inaugural Canadian Dental Student Conference (CDSC), hosted by the Federation of Canadian Dentistry Student Association (FCDSA) in Toronto. One of the main goals of CDSC is to reach beyond the fundamentals of dental education with keynote speakers, sessions and workshops addressing issues of importance to students in all years of dental school. Approximately 650 dental students across Canada attended the event.

Yoon ChiCongratulations to Yoon Chi, who was awarded first prize in the FCDSA’s National Student Research Competition which invited dental student researchers to participate in a scientific poster exhibition and learn about the cutting edge dental research underway across the country. Yoon presented a poster based on her research from Schulich Dentistry's Summer Research Program, entitled “Characterization of temporomandibular joint osteoarthritis in aging mice”, supervised by Dr. Frank Beier.

Yoon remarked, “I am extremely honoured to be awarded the first prize, especially after seeing all the great work done by each presenter. Students were very passionate about their research and it was amazing to have a glimpse of various aspects of dental research.”

This competition gives dental students the chance to interact with professors and fellow researches and to highlight the importance of research in advancing the field of dentistry. Yoon commented, “Participation in this research competition gave me an opportunity to interact with other dental students with the same passion in conducting research in dentistry-related fields and to learn about their work. I highly believe the best standard of dental care is achieved when researchers constantly acquire knowledge and translate this into the clinical practice.”