David Feere toured historic Beale Street in Memphis while attending the Hinman Student Research Symposium

November - David Feere, DDS 2018, attended the Hinman Student Research Symposium in Memphis to present his poster entitled: “The Effect of Matrix Stiffness on Fibroblast Gene Expression.”  Feere (supervised by Dr. Andrew Leask in Dentistry's Summer Research Program), competed for this travel award at Schulich Dentistry's 2016 Annual Research Day.

Feere at symposiumFeere remarked, “Research presentations by students broadened my understanding of what research may allow dentists to do clinically, in the future, to achieve better outcomes for patients”.

During a tour of the Graceland mansion, over the local fare of catfish and smoked meat, and during an evening enjoying the live blues music on the historic Beale Street, Feere was able tGracelando interact with fellow colleagues and share research and clinical experiences.

The Hinman Student Research Symposium is a national meeting featuring presentations of research studies undertaken by dental students and graduate trainees from over 60 dental schools across North America. The goal of this symposium is to help raise and maintain the quality of dental research and education by encouraging participation of dental students, graduate trainees and dental school faculty in research to improve oral health care.

“I am extremely grateful for representing Schulich; this experience would not have been possible without the Dentistry Summer Student Research Program,” Feere commented.  “For any student who has an interest in research, I would highly recommend pursuing that interest.  You never know where research will take you, what you will learn, or who you will meet along the way”.  

Research Day Student Awards

Oct 11 - The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry celebrated the research, innovation and collaboration of faculty and students at Schulich Dentistry Annual Research Day. This year we had 16 DDS students (Jr Category), and 5 Grad Ortho and Graduate Basic Science students (Sr Category) available at their posters, answering your questions and inquiries (a complete list of presenters is attached). The 5 finalists in each category were asked to give an oral presentation for judging, and the awards are announced below.  Over 300 faculty, staff and students attended the event ….thank you to everyone for your participation! Please join us in congratulating the following students who received awards for their Poster Presentations.

JUNIOR CATEGORY - Travel Awards to represent Schulich Dentistry at a National or International Conference.

Yoon Chi, DDS 2020 - Hinman Student Research Award - will represent Schulich Dentistry at the 2018 Hinman Student Research Symposium in Memphis, TN (usually end of Oct/early Nov). Awarded for poster: “Characterization of temporomandibular joint osteoarthritis in aging mice.” Supervised by Dr. Frank Beier.

Shawna Kim, DDS 2019 - ADA Foundation Award - will represent Schulich Dentistry at the 2018 Dental Student Research Conference in Maryland. Awarded for poster: “Underlying mechanism of phenytoin-induced gingival hyperplasia.” Supervised by Dr. Douglas Hamilton.

Andrei Zaharia, DDS 2019 - CDA/Dentsply Award - will represent Schulich Dentistry at the 2018 CDA National Oral Health Conference in Canada. Awarded for poster: “Novel Bioactive and Injectable, Co-Polymer-Reinforced Bone Cement for Bone Augmentation.” Supervised by Dr. Amin Rizkalla.

SENIOR CATEGORY - Merit Cash Awards

1st Karla Crosara, PhD Student - Supervised by Dr. Walter Siqueira. Awarded for poster: “Protein complex partners of amylase in whole saliva using proteomic approaches.”
2nd Michael Greene, Grad Ortho Student - Supervised by Dr. Antonio Mamandras. Awarded for poster: “Friction testing of contemporary self-ligating appliance systems.”
3rd Dorota Klubowicz, MSc Student - Supervised by Dr. Khadry Galil. Awarded for poster: “A novel idea in the use of ultrasound to guide nasolabial hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler injections to prevent alar nasal necrosis.”

Andrei Zaharia (DDS 2018), attends Colgate Dental Students' Conference on Research

October - Andrei Zaharia travelled to Maryland to present his research at the American Dental Association (ADA) Foundation’s 53nd Annual Colgate Dental Students’ Conference in October 2017. Andrei competed for this travel award at Schulich Dentistry's 2016 Annual Research Day with his poster “Novel bioactive, fast-setting and injectable bone cement for bone augmentation”, supervised by Drs. Amin Rizkalla and Jeff Dixon, in Dentistry's Summer Research Program.

A ZahariaStudents had the opportunity to network with a diverse group of individuals at the conference, including students from more than 50 dental schools across Canada and USA, the president of the FDA, the Senior Director of the Dr. Anthony Volpe Research Center (VRC), the Global Director of Oral Care from Johnson & Johnson and many others. Panel discussions engaged the students in an open conversation about the various opportunities in the field, including academia, research, military and private practice. While visiting the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the group embarked on a tour of the NanoFab laboratory.

Zaharia remarked, “This aspect of the research center really interested me due to my ties to previous research in nano technology. It really opened my eyes as to what opportunities are available in the dental field related to my previous endeavors and expertise”.

Following the tour, a research leader from the VRC presented breakthrough research on promising novel dental materials, aiming to supersede the current composites in the near future. The conference concluded with a visit to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), where another panel discussion allowed students to ask questions about various research opportunities, summer programs, scholarships and career paths available. This tour ended with a visit to their clinical research facilities, showcasing stimulating clinical work and ongoing projects.

ADA ConferenceZaharia comments, “I feel as though I have been given a glimpse of an entirely different aspect of dental research, one which is extremely exciting and full of opportunities, and the realization that there’s so much more to dentistry than what we learn in our classrooms and clinics”.