2015 Research Day Awards

2015 Student WinnersCongratulations to the following students who received awards for their Poster Presentations at 2015 Schulich Dentistry Research Day.

Junior Category - Travel Awards

CDA/Dentsply Travel Award
Michael Tiedemann, DDS 2017, Supervised by Dr. Douglas Hamilton
Modulation of myofibroblast differentiation on nanometric topographies. To represent Schulich Dentistry in the Student Clinician competition at the 2016 CDA National Oral Health Conference.

Hinman Student Research Travel Award
David Feere, DDS 2018, Supervised by Dr. Andrew Leask
The effect of NADPH oxidase 4 inhibition on the expression of fibrotic genes in human gingival fibroblast". To represent Schulich Dentistry at the 2016 Hinman Student Research Symposium in Memphis, Tennessee.

ADA Foundation Travel Award
Kim Beaucage, DDS 2018, Supervised by Dr. Jeff Dixon.
Role of equilibrative nucleoside transporter 1 in the mineralization of orofacial tissues. To represent Schulich Dentistry at the 2016 ADA Dental Student Research Conference in Maryland.

Senior Category - Merit Awards

James Hutchenreuther, Dr. Andrew Leask Lab.
CCN2 Expression by Tumor Stroma Is Required for Melanoma Metastasis

Mohamed Gebril, Dr. Amin Rizkalla Lab.
Sol gel hydrothermal bioactive glass-ceramic coating on titanium substrate

Meena Na, Grad Ortho 2016, Dr. Jeff Dixon Lab. 
Dexamethasone regulates gene expression induced by the mechanosensitive P2X7 receptor in osteoblasts"

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