2014 Research Day Awards

Congratulations to the following students who received awards for their Poster Presentations at 2014 Schulich Dentistry Research Day.


Greg Luvison, DDS 2017
Bioactive, fast-setting and injectable bone cements for craniofacial reconstruction. Supervised by Drs. Amin Rizkalla and Jeff Dixon.
CDA/Dentsply Travel Award
Student Clinician competition at the 2015 CDA National Oral Health Conference

Vida Lam, DDS 2017
Role of bone sialoprotein in stabilizing tendon insertion into bone. Supervised by Dr. Harvey Goldberg.
ADA Foundation Travel Award
2015 Dental Student Research Conference in Maryland

Kimberly Williams, DDS 2017
Diphenyleneiodonium inhibits TGF-induced expression in gingival fibroblasts. Supervised by Dr. Andrew Leask.
Hinman Student Research Travel Award
2015 Hinman Student Research Symposium in Memphis, Tennessee


Erik Holm, DCS/DDS 2018 - Supervised by Dr. Harvey Goldberg
Osteopontin mediates mineralization and not osteogenic cell development in vitro./p>

Carine Bourassa, Graduate Orthodontics 2015 - Supervised by Dr. Ali Tassi
"An in-vitro comparison of different palatal sites for orthodontic miniscrew insertion: the effect of bone quality and quantity on primary stability.

Shawna Kim, DCS Student - Supervised by Dr. Douglas Hamilton
Effect of nifedipine and phenytoin on gingival tissue remodelling.

2014-2015 CADR-NCOHR Student Research Award

Kendal Creber was presented with the 2014-2015 CADR-NCOHR Student Research Award at the CADR Annual General Meeting in Boston, MA. Congratulations to Kendal, who had placed second in the Senior (Basic Science) Category for her work Design of an Electrospun Collagen/Periostin Scaffold for Periodontal Regeneration, supervised by Dr. Douglas Hamilton, Oral Biology, Schulich Dentistry.

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