Schulich Dentistry Research Opportunity Program (SDROP)

Schulich Dentistry Research Opportunity Program (SDROP) provides an opportunity for students already enrolled in Schulich Dentistry's DDS program to contribute to clinical and basic science research. Each year, a limited number of studentships are awarded by competition for the upcoming summer.

2021 COMPETITION (Now open)

summer studentsThe goals of this program are … 1) to promote student participation in oral health research, 2) to provide students with opportunities to meet their peers and present their research at national and internal meetings, 3) to contribute to publications in peer-reviewed journals, and 4) to encourage students to consider careers in oral health research.  There are many bright and experienced students in Dentistry that would be an asset to research at Schulich.  This year we are providing flexibility in the length of some projects (8-12 weeks).

Total stipend: 12-week period - $5,000 (prorated for 8-11 weeks)
Deadline for Faculty Projects: January 5, 2021
Deadline for student applications: January 5, 2021

All DDS Class of 2022, 2023 and 2024 are eligible to apply.

Send Student Application Form and CV to

All Faculty members associated with Schulich Dentistry are invited to submit one (or more) project proposals.  Online submission form for the SDROP Project.


Many generous donors help make funding for our students possible and we are grateful for the donations.

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