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Report on the 9th international workshop on the CCN family of genes, November 2-7, 2017, Saint-Malo, France.
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Radiosensitizer effect of usnic acid on Biomphalaria glabrata embryos
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Activation of cancer-associated fibroblasts is required for tumor neovascularization in a murine model of melanoma.
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What Matters from Admissions? Identifying Success and Risk Among Canadian Dental Students.
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A novel technique for the impression, model fabrication and provisionalization of pinlays.
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Galectin-3 regulation of wound healing and fibrotic processes: insights for chronic skin wound therapeutics.
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Novel Calcium Zirconate Silicate Cement Biomineralize and Seal Root Canals.
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Esterase from a Cariogenic Bacterium Hydrolyzes Dental Resins.
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Investigating the association between stress, saliva and dental caries: a scoping review.
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A sticky wicket: Overexpression of integrin alpha 11 is sufficient for cardiac fibrosis.
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