9500  Epidemiology & Biostatistics 
           Half course; one term (Yr. I)
9501L  Cephalometrics
           Half course; one term (Summer term only)
9503  Genetics 
           Half course; one term
9511  Development of Occlusion
           Full course; two terms
9512  Growth and Development of the Human Face
           Full course; two terms
9513  Interceptive Orthodontics
           Half course; one term
9514B  Surgical Orthodontics 
           Half course; one term
9521L  Biomechanics 
           Full course; one term (Summer term only)
9522  Diagnosis and Treatment Planning I
           Full course; two terms
9523  Clinical Experience
           Full course; Fall term (Yr. I)

9502L Radiology in Orthodontics (Yr 1) 

9524  Clinical Experience 
           Full course; Winter term (Yr. I)
9532  Diagnosis and Treatment Planning II
           Full course; three terms
9533  Clinical Experience
           Full course; Summer term (Yr. II)
9534  Clinical Experience
           Full course; Fall term (Yr. II)
9535  Clinical Experience 
           Full course; Winter term (Yr. II)
9539  Clinical Topics in Orthodontics
           Non-credit requirement; Fall term (Yr. III)
9540  Topics in Physiology 
           Non-credit requirement; one term (Yr. I, II, III)
9542  Diagnosis and Treatment Planning III
           Full course; two terms (Yr. III)
9543  Clinical Experience
           Full course; two terms (Yr. III)
9544  Clinical Experience 
           Full course; Fall term (Yr. III)
9545  Oral Pathology
           Half course; one term
9590  MCID Thesis
9636  Anatomy, Head and Neck

Representative malocclusions are treated in the clinic and experience in consultation with general practitioners is an integral part of the program.

Original research in a clinical or basic science area is a requirement and is reported in a format suitable for publication.  Two copies of the report and appendices are bound and retained by the Health Sciences Library and by the Division, following approval of the report by the Professional Degree Committee.

The principal research interests of the Division are human facial growth and treatment; development of the dentition; inheritance in the human face; occlusion; bonding; orthognathic surgery.