Consortium on Developmental Disabilities

The Developmental Disabilities Program in the Department of Psychiatry here at Western is developing a National Consortium of experts on clinical care, scholarly research and clinical education in Developmental Disabilities.

Here you will find teaching resources, links to innovative research and articles, best practice guidelines and more, developed and used by clinical and basic science experts in the field.  


Researchers at the University of Toronto have been working on the HCARDD project (Health Care Access Research and Developmental Disabilities) since 2010. It's a multi-faceted research project that has developed some teaching videos and resources, among many other exciting things.

HCARDD uses OHIP data to investigate how adults with developmental disabilities access and use the Ontario Health Care System. The data gleaned from the various pieces of the study have been used to develop training videos and other web-based resources for health care providers.

Training videos for health care providers, care givers, people with developmental disabilities, as well as videos about the research project can be viewed here;  

You can find a toolkit for improving emergency care for adults with DD here.

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