Agenda - 2023

4th Annual Immuno-Oncology Symposium

Wednesday, March 29, 2023 - 8:30 am to 17:30pm EST

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   8:30 - 9:00   Sign In & Networking


                        Saman Maleki, PhD - Co-Chair   

                        John Ronald, PhD - Co-Chair              

  9:10 - 10:50  SESSION #1

                         09:10-09:50  Marcus Butler, MD

"Approaches to Engineering Anti-Tumor Immunity."

                         09:50-10:30 Jonathan Bramson, PhD

"Triggering the magic bullet: How synthetic antigen receptors influence T cell therapy."

                         10:30-10:50  Trainee Talks

1.“The role of NKR-P1B receptor in regulating NK cell responses in breast cancer.”
Karla Alnajm, MSc. Candidate
  1. “Novel population of CD103+ regulatory innate lymphoid cells suppress intratumoural T cells in patients with epithelial ovarian carcinoma.”
Douglas Chung, PhD Candidate

10:50 - 11:10  Health Break

11:10 - 12:50  SESSION #2

                       11:10-11:50   Ian Watson, PhD

"Identification of strategies to overcome immunotherapy resistance in melanoma
using multi-omic approaches"

                       11:50-12:30   John Ronald, PhD

“Imaging Cellular Immunotherapies with Reporter Gene-Based Technologies.”

                       12:30-12:50   Trainee Talks

3. “Target-dependent expression of synthetic blood biomarker in detecting in vivo cell-cell communication.”

Yanghao (Jerry) Fu, MSc. Candidate

 4. “Anti-CTLA-4 efficacy against neuroblastoma tumours with induced DNA mismatch repair deficiency relies on Fc-dependent depletion of Tregs.”
Megan Hong, MSc. Candidate

12:50 - 14:15  Lunch Break & Poster Session

14:15 - 15:55  SESSION #3

                       14:15-14:55   Jeanette Boudreau, PhD

Natural killer cells: consistent allies and rising stars in cancer therapy.”

                       14:55-15:35   Tracy McGaha, PhD    

“Tryptophan metabolism, the microbiome, and innate immunity in the tumor microenvironment.”

                       15:35-15:55   Trainee Talks

5. “Modeling THP-1 monocyte migration using iFlowPlate™ in an in-vitro cancer model.”
Mandeep Marway, PhD Candidate

6. “PU.1 Inhibition restrains tumor growth by promoting the CXCL9/10/11-CXCR3 network in the B16-OVA melanoma mouse model.”
Nichita Sleapnicov, MSc. Candidate


                         Saman Maleki, PhD - Co-Chair

                        John Ronald, PhD - Co-Chair